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    I can't download Adobe Flash Player in Mozilla Firefox on my pc.


      After a long time, during wich your program has been working properly, some days ago I've been notified , in different games and videos, that I had to install Adobe Flash Player if I would have play/seen its.


      Then I've provided to install your program (Adobe Flash Player) but, on my preferred browser, Mozilla Firefox, I couldn't reach this task, because after the appearence of the first file to be saved, I didn't receive the next file to be executed for installation of your program.
      According to your support note, I insert  "<filename>.exe"  for searching the installation file, I found it and I tryied to complete the installation.
      I have reached the end of the download, but your program didn't result installed; and your contact page - as soon as I acceed at it - message me to install AFP.
      So I havn't the program installed on Mozilla Firefox.


      Then I tryied the same installation on Google and Safari and on this browsers it was correctly downloaded.
      I don't know why, but things are in this terms.


      I would ask you if you could kindly help me in the download of Adobe Flash Player on my preferred browser, because I have other problems to work with the other browsers (google and safari).




      Carlo Avegno