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    Multiline captions

    james_dean1986 Level 1

      Never need captions until now but having a little problem - hopefully with an easy solution.


      My images are graphs produced from a questionnaire. I have embedded the questions into the metadata and are getting them to display in the caption. However some of the questiosn are a little long and Indesign is trying to squeeze it all onto one line by drastically reducing the tracking


      Is there anyway to allow it to flow over several lines?


      CS5.5 (7.5.3), Windows 7.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Live captions can only be one line long. Convert them to static captions. Object > Captions > Convert to Static Captions.

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            james_dean1986 Level 1

            Thanks Steve.


            I was trying to avoid converting them to static captions for obvious reason, but if this is the only option then I guess il have to run with it.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yeh this is another not very thought out concept from InDesign.

              Well it's based on the Text Variables feature, and it basically uses a Text Variable to create the text pulling the information from the metadata.


              You get the same issues with Running Heads and using a Text Variable for this, the running heads get all squashed up if you haven't left enough room.


              http://in-tools.com/products/plugins/power-headers/ - this fixes the running headers issues.


              But I'm not sure if it will work for captions?

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                Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                And to answer your question.


                This is how I overcome the issue.


                I set up the Live Caption on one layer.


                Once they are all generated I see them all squished up.


                I copy them all to a new layer - and then you can convert them to Static Captions.


                Turn off the layer for Live Captions.



                Of course now - you have to be really careful and generate Static Caption layers anytime an image on a page is generated.


                Not fun.

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                  james_dean1986 Level 1

                  Thanks Eugene.

                  Unfortunately I don't ever do running heads so that would be an expensive plugin should it not work. Although I may contact them to test it for me and purchase if it works.

                  There are around 20 charts across a 40 page document so its not too drastic should they start swapping things about, just an inconvenience and waste of time.

                  Looks like static captions are the way.