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    how to download?

      It's probably obvious, but I'm missing it... how do I download the colors?
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          tphinsf Adobe Employee
          1. you must be logged in
          2. select the theme you wish to download as an ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) file
          3. the download icon is the center of the three icons just to the left of the "welcome to kuler" text on the right. Tooltips as you mouse over the icon provide detail on functions in kuler.

          That's it! Hopefully this works for you...
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            dinnys Level 1
            that little icon was not there earlier this morning! or at least on my computer it wasn't showing up. The tooltips were not working either, but they are now.

            however, I only see 2 icons there now: make changes and download, There is a comments icon down at the bottom, is that the third icon?
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              Download is the first of the two icons. It's a document icon with a downward arrow. If you hold your mouse over it, you'll see a tooltip identifying it as the download button.

              Yes, the comments icon is at the bottom. Again, it has a tooltip if you hover over it.

              I hope this helps.

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                dinnys Level 1
                that's what I was looking for!