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    Missing Punctuation on Windows 8 Computer


      I have a client who is complaining that apostrophes, quotes and em dashes are missing from the interactive PDF I created from InDesign CC. The client is viewing the PDF on Windows 8.


      Punctuation is present when I view the same PDF file on my Windows 7 computer using Adobe 9 Pro and on my Mac using Preview.


      Is there something I'm missing when i export the InDesign file to PDF?


      I've searched the forum for an answer and the only thing close was for InDesign CS4. If my client has to send out instructions for reseting his client's Adobe PDF Reader settings in order to have the file view correctly, it just won't work. My client isn't very technical, and he certainly wouldn't be happy if that's the solution I have to give him.


      Thanks in advance for your help.