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    Hyperlink to a >title< within an ID doc?

    ceilr Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I am using CS5 with Windows 7.


      I created a Table of Contents in an ID doc, which shows bookmarks for each title.  All fine and good.  From this, I made a .pdf and all links work.  However,....


      When I click on one of the T of C items, the hyperlink goes to the entire page, not where the the specific title is.  This is okay on an iPad, thanks to its large screen, but when I tested the links on an iPhone, the hyperlink goes to the top of the page, rather than to the title in the middle of the page.  The reader can easily get confused.  The smaller screen needs to take the reader to the title.


      What I've done in the past, with MS FrontPage, is to select the title to be the bookmark, and then I created other text to be the button to click on that goes to the bookmark.


      Is there a similar way to do this in ID?


      Thank you for your help.