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    Programm crashed, had to reinstall and now my notes are gone. Can I recover them?

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      I was reading an eBook form my research library which wille xpire in 3 days. I highlited some text and I made some notes. All of a sudden the program crashed when I tried to copy the name of a book in a footnote. I couldn't find the programme nor would the file open anymore. When trying to open the file it would send me to the Adobe website. So I downloaded the installer again and when trying to install I got a message that the previous version needed to be fixed. Adobe Digital Editions was fixed, I could open the book but my notes are gone.


      Does this happen often? Is there a way to recover the notes?


      System: Windows 8.


      To be honest i am weary of using your software at all again. I think I will read it online form my library and copy every higlight immediately. It is nice that I can access books immediately but if this thing is going to crash whenever I prefer to wait one or two days to get the physical book.