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    Inconsistent Aspect Radio upon Export


      Good Morning,


      I'm having trouble keeping my aspect ratios clean when I export my project to a file. My project settings are:


      Editing Mode HD 1080i

      Frame Size- 1920 x 1080 (16:9)


      In making the movies, I tend to do a lot of zooming on stills as well as videos. In the editor, the borders of my source file are ALWAYS outside the project frame (so that the entire frame is filled with image, no black space), but when I export it, I'm seeing the black edge of the frame on some clips, as if the export frame size got bigger than it was in the project. It's hard to describe so I hope that makes sense.


      When I export, I'm using "NTSC Standard" but making sure to set the aspect ratio to 16:9 to fit my project settings.


      Can someone please explain how to export projects so that the aspect ratios match and are clean, without any unexpected black space appearing in certain clips?


      Thank you.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Please let us review the details.


          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          You say that your project preset is probably



          Full HD1080i30


          What are the properties of your source media - video compression, audio compression, frame size, frame rate, interlaced or progressive, file extension, pixel aspect ratio?


          Please detail what your export choice is and what the exact export settings are?

          If you have Premiere Elements 12, what are the settings under the Advanced Button/Video Tab of a Publish+Share/Computer/ ?/Presets choice?


          I am concerned when you wrote

          When I export, I'm using "NTSC Standard" but making sure to set the aspect ratio to 16:9 to fit my project settings.


          All the information cited above is necessary to put together what you have, what you are doing, and how to get the results you require.


          Thanks. If you need clarification on anything written, please do not hesitate to ask. Again, specific answers to specific questions will help us to help you.





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            akpasta Level 1

            Thank you for responding.


            I'm using Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 7. I'm pretty good using the program but I'll admit I'm pretty ignorant about video specs.


            Project settings don't say NTSC anywhere, but the settings you list seem to appear in the "General" screen.


            I'm not sure exactly how to locate the properties of source media, so this is coming from right-clicking a video file, selecting "properties" and looking at the "details" tab:


            Ratio- 1920x1080 (matches Elements project settings)

            data rate- 15860kbps

            tatal bitrate- 16116kbps

            frame rate - 29 f/s

            They are mpeg files

            I have no clue about compression or how to check for it.


            The camera is shooting at "17mps," highest quality possible and it says AVCHD on it, I think it shoots "high definition." I don't really know much about video file types, etc, sorry.


            When exporting I am trying


            "Computer" > MPEG > NTSC Standard


            First I tried the default settings, but it had crazy amounts of black bars at the top and bottom (export frame did not fit image frames, when I'd zoom out on an image/video there'd be black bars on the top and bottom). I realized the export aspect ratio was set to 4:3, which doesn't match my project setting, so I set it to 16:9 and tried again. This reduced the black bars but did not get rid of them, especially on the sides of some clips. It seemed un-zoomed clips had black bars on the left at right where was images that I had manipulated in elements filled the entire frame. Maybe the export settings are making the frame too big?


            When I look at everything in Elements, the image frames fit the project frame, it's all very easy to manipulate. All these export settings are no-mans land to me, I don't really understand them so I wouldn't be surprised if my problem is that I'm exporting to a format that doesn't fit my project settings or source files.


            The video project I'm working on will end up being hosted online on an intranet at work, to be viewed in web browsers by employees if that helps.


            Thank you.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              The first thing we need to do is learn what your source is.

              Right now we almost have enough to proceed with confidence

              1920 x 1080 pixels 16:9

              29.97 frames per second

              But what is lacking is whether you are shooting interlaced or progressive video, 1080i or 1080p.

              Can you determine that from your camera settings?


              If you have 1080i, then your project preset =



              Full HD1080i30


              If you have 1080p, then your project preset =




              DSLR 1080p30 or DSLR 1080p30 @ 29.97


              If not from the camera settings, we could get the answer, i or p, from the MediaInfo properties readout (its Tree View)


              Be careful of your download and install here so that you do not get unwanted programs and toolbars as well as the valuable MediaInfo program.


              For now let us assume that your camera is recording 1080i (1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 interlaced frames per second).


              New question becomes what are the requirements of your viewing via your player. Let us try the following export choices:


              If you really want a MPEG export


              HD 16:9

              Publish+Share/Computer/MPEG and set Presets = MPEG2 1920 x 1080i30

              That will give you a MPEG2 HD.m2t file (1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 interlaced frames per second).


              SD Widescreen 16:9

              Publish+Share/Computer/MPEG and set Presets = NTSC DVD Widescreen.

              That will give you a MPEG1.mpg file (720 x 480 @ 29.97 interlaced frames per second)


              But you might want to consider


              Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD with Presets = MP4 H.264 1920 x 1080p30

              for AVCHD.mp4 1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 progressive frames per second




              Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD with Presets = MP4 NTSC DV Widescreen

              for AVCHD.mp4 720 x 480 @ 29.97 progressive frames per second.


              Please check out the above to see if they work for you.


              I am guessing that you went off track with your 4:3 export setting for your 16:9 project and subsequent attempts to resolve that.


              We will be watching for your follow up.


              Any clarification needed, please do not hesitate to ask.





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                akpasta Level 1

                Thanks for your response.


                In the camera settings the only thing that has an 'i' is under frame rate, and it is set to the maximum of 50i. It is not a DSLR camera, it's an AVCHD camera. Does that mean i'm shooting 1080i? My project settings are for HD 1080i. I am also using some clips shot with an ipone 5, sorry for leaving that info out. Does this make a difference?


                I tried the NTSC widescreen you mentioned and I still have problems. Like I said, the frame in the export appears wider than the frame in the project view. In elements, there is no blank space at the left or right; my clips fill the whole frame, but in the export, i'm seeing blank space on the left and right sides. It's producing inconsistent framing when switching between clips that are 100% size, and clips/stills where there is zooming in, as they appear wider.


                The other problem I'm having is I noticed any timestretched footage gets really choppy, even if it's just stretched back to 80% of full speed. Is this inevitable?


                Have I provided enough info?



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                  VDOSurfer Level 3

                  When you get an incorrect aspect ratio in the output you should see pillarboxing or letter boxing. Pillar boxing is when you have horiziontal black borders and letter boxing is vertical black borders. In some drastic cases, you might even see both. I assume this is what you are seeing.


                  To get rid of this, the only thing you need to remember is to keep the resolution of the output (height x width) in the same proportion as your input resolution. It is best if you keep it same as the input (The best case of proportionality is if they are equal!) Problems arise if you do not maintain this width x height ratio correctly. In most cases this alone is sufficient to guarantee a good output.


                  However there are some cases where even if this is ensured the output could have issues. This is when you should look at the pixel aspect ratio. More on that if the mentioned suggestions thus far do not work for you.

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                    akpasta Level 1



                    This sounds like exactly what I'm talking about. But you have them switched, pillarboxing is vertical bars on left and ride side, letterboxing is horizontal lines at the top and bottom. First I was experiencing letter boxing, but then I realized my export setting was 4:3, not 16:9 so I set that properly and the letter boxing went away. However, I still have pillar boxing, lines at the left and right. The problem seems that the export width is larger than the project width. On the export, when it gets to a clip that was not altered at all, there are pillars at each side, but on some clips I zoom in on the frame, which gets rid of the pillar box. The result is inconsistent framing, but I don't know how to fix it.


                    My project setting width is 1080, does that mean the export width is larger and needs to be changed? Why do default settings for 16:9 produce pillarboxing in the first place? It seems like zooming on still images and/or video clips would be a common occurrance that should be accounted for.


                    Thank you.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Recap time...


                      Are you located in a country outside the USA and you installed Premiere Elements as PAL? If so, why are you dealing with NTSC settings which would be characteristic of USA? I mentioned that because you wrote

                      In the camera settings the only thing that has an 'i' is under frame rate, and it is set to the maximum of 50i

                      .If that is so, then your video is 1920 x 1080 @ 25 interlaced frames per second and your project preset for that video would be



                      Full HD1080i25

                      The 50i is used to designated 50 fields per second which equates to 25 interlaced frames per second.


                      This project preset directs the program to set up the correct space in the Edit Mode monitor from which to edit. When you drag the video to the Timeline and view it in the monitor, the video image should fill that space and not be displaying any black borders. Do you find that to be the case in your situation? If not, stop there and let us know. There is a mismatch that needs understanding and correction.


                      If the video fills the space in the monitor, then when you proceed to export and select a 16:9 export, you should not be seeing and black borders in the end product. This focuses us on the export choice and the settings under the Advanced Button/Video Tab of the preset selected.


                      What goes in 16:9 will go out 16:9 with the correct setting on each end.


                      The iPhone video is expected to be 1920 x 1080 and should not be involved in aspect ratio issues under the same principles. There may be issues in other settings but they would not be affecting the aspect ratio.


                      Let us focus on the export settings. If you can show a screenshot of them in the Advanced Button/Video Tab of the preset selected under your export choice, that would be great.