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    Draggable object reveals/hides text elements

    DerekDigital Level 1

      Hi. I'm sure this is probably a fundamental task for an Edge Animate / JavaScript pro - but for a newbie like me it's becoming quite head-hurting.


      This is what I'm trying to achieve:


      I've designed an interactive panel for a website of athlete running along a road.

      As the user drags the image of the runner to the left or right - across the stage - I require text information (race year, location, time and finish position) to appear/disappear when the image reaches specific points.


      So far I have managed to work out how to get the Edge Animate symbol of the athlete to be draggable on just an x-axis. Hoorah!

      However I now need advice on I get text to appear when the image reaches specific locations on the stage as it is being dragged.


      I was initally thinking that I need to add triggers or events to the Timeline.

      However as the Edge Animate symbol of the athlete doesn't have any positional keyframes I'm not sure where to go next.


      Does anyone have any basic advice in what I should be doing?

      Or can you point me to a simple tutorial or URL that will assist?


      Many thanks.