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    Need to open CS6 file in CS4

    perrybrus Level 1

      I have a very simple one page file with text that was made with CS6, when I try to open it in CS4 I get a prompt telling me to either upgrade my plugins (what?) or upgrade my version. Well, since the latter is out of the question I want to upgrade the plugins that the error message is referring to. But what is that? Where do I do it? I was kinda surprised cause its a simple straight forward one page doc with text on it, that's it! How many plugins can be used to create that? My feel is that it's just another way of forcing people to buy new Adobe software.


      Ps: Had a browse on simmilar topics here on this forum and some suggest to save the file again in a different format, but that's kinda impossible when I can't open it. How does one "re-save" an indd file?