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    flex 1.5 problem

      Hi we are using flex1.5. We have developed our applicaion and now we accessing the applicaion from the network. But some times we are getting the following error message. This means do we have to purchase any licences?? If soo that would be a bog problem for us. Or is thare any other tycnique to recove this problem temparly.
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------
      This standalone application was created with the Developer edition of Macromedia Flex and has expired. Contact the author of this application for a new copy.
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------

      Satish KC.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          With the free developer's license, all swfs generated by Flex will expire in 24 hours.

          You can put the Flex server (developer's license) on the network server. It is limited to the first 5 IP addresses that hit the site until you restart the Flex server.

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            j2eesatish Level 1
            So When ever i get this error i have to restart my flex server once. Then again it will be eligible for first 5 computers in my network right!? And my licence is going to expire. from where i have to get the new free licence for this.