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    Copy & Paste From Illustrator to Photoshop not matching document size

    Digital Halftones Level 1

      I just recently reformated my computer and I've been having an issue with copy and paste from Illustrator to Photoshop. Before I could copy a 2"x2" vector box from Illustrator into photoshop making a new document and the size and resolution would match. That is the new document would say 2"x2" at 300 ppi in photoshop and the preset would read "clipboard". I would then hit ok and paste and it would match perfectly. Now since I've reformated, photoshop always creates a new document with the wrong size regardless of the settings I enter in Illustrator or photoshop. I have document raster and effects set at 300 ppi in Illustrator and I have the new document set at 300 in photoshop, but it always transfers the 2"x2" box as some other size no matter what resolution I change it too. Again this used to work before so I'm assuming there is some setting I forgot about. Does anyone know? The main issue is the clipboard preset is not matching the document size, its almost as if Illustartor is telling photoshop it's a different resolution when it's not. Copying to 72 ppi seems to have no issue, which makes me think Illustrator just isn't sending it out at 300 ppi, but I don't know why as I have the document set at 300 ppi.