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    ADE navigation: how to return easily from foot/endnote to previous main text location?


      How to enable ADE to easily return one from a properly linked foot/endnote to the main text where that note was linked to a superscript numeral (or other note symbol)?


      This function is important to academic and technical works; it is tedious to have to make a mental note of tje page/location in the main text  when clicking on a hyperlinked note numeral. Once one has navigated to and read the note, then one has to use ADE's Go function to return to the last page/location or spend precious time manually scrolling page upon page to find that previous location.


      Dedicated eReaders offer this basic navigation (Kindle, NOOK, Kobo, etc.), even in their PC/Mac apps, but I don't find this function in ADE 3, and it is needed for academic/technical readers to take ADE seriously as an ebook reader.