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    Ae not reading sidecar xmp data

    scott_mo Level 1

      I've been working across Ps Lr Pr and Ae to assemble time-lapse clips over the last few years. I haven't processed a clip for a long time but I am today and have stumbled upon some strange Ae behaviour.


      Ae won't read the xmp data I give it during image sequences (more specifically time-lapse edited in Lr).


      My workflow goes like this:

      Edit a RAW image in Lr, copy and paste the parameters to all the files in the folder and then save the metadata to all of the files. This creates a "sidecar" .xmp file for each image in the folder (as seen in the screen shot). This .xmp file is suppose to hold the edit information that Ae should interpret when I import the files as an image sequence, but it doesn't. Is there a function I am supposed to enable in Ae CC for this to happen?


      Working with Adobe CC everything and Lr5 (current update). Latest version of Mountain Lion OS.

      Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 2.34.44 PM.png