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    Linking 'internal' files within contained file structure


      Hi All, hopefully someone can help out with this query.


      I'm using InDesign CS4 and I've created a project file structure where the output is a single, automatically completed indesign document.


      Within this file structure are various illustrator documents which have been imported onto various pages of the indesign document. So for example, when the illustrator docs are updated (in illustrator), the changes automatically show in indesign.


      I want to use this file structure as a template so I can duplicate it as a new project is received. So say I have the TEMPLATE file structure, I duplicate it to create PROJECT ONE, the Indesign document is still importing the files from TEMPLATE file structure and not the PROJECT ONE file structure.


      Is there anything I can do so when I duplicate this file structure to create PROJECT TWO, the indesign doc is linked the the illustrator docs in the PROJECT TWO file structure?


      I hpe that makes sense, thanks in advance.