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    buying a PC for video editing, dont want to build one?


      I am looking for a new computer for video editing and figured I might as well get something that will handle 4k when I need it.  Especially since i might upgrade from my GH3 to GH4 in a couple months.


      I have recently started using premiere over FCP and I use a PC at work. I have enjoyed the change over from my imac so figured I could go the PC route and save some money. I was hoping to buy from best buy so I can do the finance plan but i know this might not be the best solution. I am also not a computer builder so does anyone know any good PC's for video editing? I will also need 2 24inch monitors but will be fine starting off with one. So any kits that fit my needs at best buy or on a website geared more towards PC video editors?

      my price range may go anywhere from 900$ for the tower to $1600 total. I figured if I go over 1800 i'll probably just get the 27inch imac so was hoping to go cheaper.

      this looked like a powerful machine from best buy but I have NO IDEA: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/desktop-...specifications


      Are there any people or small companies that build custome PC's for things like this?