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    I have photoshop 6...

    NNramirez Level 1

      I have had elements 2.0 for years, and yesterday while on my computer i saw Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 disappear.  It was open, but i was on the internet, and just saw it disappear.  I tried to open it as I usual do, but to do avail.  I uninstalled it, and then tried to re-install it.   So far to no avail.  I find it in my computer, but when i click on it, it can't find it. SO ???    HELP!     I use photoshop ever so much!!!


      Thank you   Nicole Ramirez

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you talking about PSE2 or PSE6?


          What happens when  you try to re-install?


          What do you mean, disappear, the program closed or your screen went black of what?


          Have you scanned for viruses?

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            NNramirez Level 1

            ok, the 2.0  SHOWS UP, but when i do 6.0  the shortcut shows up, but when i LOOK for the program, i find a LONG list of items.  I will do it again and WRITE down what the pop-ups are.

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              NNramirez Level 1

              I was sitting at my computer and though photoshop was open, i wasn't usingi it.  I was online doing some other stuff.  The photoshop program closes on it's own.  (I didn't do it). So i go look in my computer for it and can't find it. So i get the C'D out to re-install it. Presently I don't have the money to buy a newer version. I TRY to re-install it and since as you can see, i am not computer literate, i follow the instructrons and to no avail. I do find the 2.0 under programs, and then finally th 6.0, but there are dozens of icons and before there was one icon to click on in my list of frequent used programs, upon clicking the windows icon and getting that pop up. So i just quit yesterday trying to re-install it. I have thought, do i have a virus or "SOMETHING".    for even here lately, occasionally i will be online, and my whole list of tabs i have open (3-5) shut down and then pop right back up again.  I have avast free antivirus....................     so  ????????