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    Mask Tracker -- So close and yet so far?

    Arivl Level 1

      Arghhh!  The mask tracker was one of my most-desired features, and I was over-the-moon to discover that they'd done it beautifully and simply!  No more going to Mocha and using mocha-import just for relatively simple masking tasks!  This should save hours on some complicated tasks!


      And then I discovered that it was adding keyframes to the "Mask Shape" parameter... which for most of my uses renders it basically unusable.


      The problem is quite simply that I WANT to still be able to keyframe the shape of the mask!  Mocha's approach of having a separate set of tracking data and shape keyframes layered on TOP of that is the right approach.


      For the mask tracker I was expecting either a version of AE's tracker  "Tracking Data" paramater that drove the mask, or something more elegant like a new set of "Mask Transform" properties that get applied upstream of the shape parameter.



      Does anyone have any workarounds for this in the meantime?  I love the idea, but need to still have flexibility in keyframing mask shape!   Any hope of getting this fixed in a future update?