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    Having the update options reset every time




      Looking for some information regarding how not to get my settings regarding background updates changed every time I install an update. It is very pushy, not ethical and not professional to change my update settings every time. I want to install the updates manually. Full stop.


      If you keep pushing people to do the same thing again and again (personal Mac, personal Windows, business Mac and business Windows!), it is a ridiculous policy.


      I know you are ADOBE but please remember that I am an end-user!


      I am very much looking forward to have the HTML5 all around. Because of the mentioned reason and policies, it will be a pleasure to click the uninstall button.



      Coskun S.

      Software Architect.

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          Mike M Level 6

          I use the FULL installers:

          Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

          Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)

          Flash Player (Mac OS X)

          I NEVER use the GUI updater (outside of running tests and making screenshots), and I always set the update preferences to "Never check for updates". I have yet to see an update notice on any of ten machines I maintain (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, OS10.6, OS10.7 OS10.8, OS10.9)


          Unless you have something altering your registry, or system preferences, the setting should "stick".

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            CoskunS Level 1

            I agree with the fact that the settings "should stick". However, they do not.


            I have clearly stated that this happens on multiple operating systems and multiple location I use them.


            No, I don't alter Windows systems' registries. No, I don't hack into my Mac systems inner things.


            I am an end user and I, as it is my right to do so, want to take advantage of the convenience tools that Adobe provides. In this case, it is the "one click update" which, unfortunately, expects me to make my statement on that I don't want automatic updates EVERY TIME.


            Suggesting not to use an update tool that one company provides is like selling a passenger plane without seats.


            Not a solution but thanks.


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