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    Why wont elements video  work


      I have just ugraded to elements 12 fro 9 and the video editor side wont load although 9 was also a bust. It asks me to sign in and when I do nothing happens I can click on new project or existing and the little stripe does its thing then nothing

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          Do you have an active Internet Connection?


          You need to Sign In to the program with your Adobe ID and password otherwise the program will not work.


          Please check out the above in that regard, although, from what you wrote, you "signed in". It includes a description of a problem that I had with Sign In dialog.


          Since you are having difficulties using Premiere Elements 9 or 12 on your computer, this suggests that the problem may be in the computer.


          1. What computer operating system is your computing running on? Please describe it resources?

          2. What video card/graphics card is your computer using? Is it using 2?

          3. Are you running the program as Run As Administrator and from a User Account with Administrative Privileges?

          4. Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements 12? Is Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 still installed on this same computer?

          5. Do you have 3rd party plug-ins and codecs installed on this computer? In reviewing your installed programs, do you see any likely candidates for conflicting programs?

          6. You say that Premiere Elements 9 was a "bust also". Did you troubleshoot that at the time and what were you told were your problems? Or was that never defined?


          Please check out the above and then let us know if any of it applies to your situation.