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    reinstalling CS6 extended


      I purchased the academic version of CS5 ext which was upgraded within 1 month to CS6 ext and it ran successfully on Win 7. I am now trying to reinstall it via download from "my account" page on Windows 8 (on separate ssd within same machine) When I enter the serial no it says the product does not qualify. Any help appreciated

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Normally when you install the CS6 upgrade, you first input the CS6 extended serial number after which the installer asks for the serial number of the product you upgraded from, which would be the CS5 extended serial.


          Are you doing this in that order?


          Also I prefer to copy and paste the serial into the box. That way I don't mix up any numbers as I tend to do by hand.

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            cuspid64 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. I have only downloaded the upgrade not the original version. I am only prompted for one serial number. I would assume Win8 cant "see" that this is an upgrade. SHould I also download the original version of CS6 on the win8 disc?

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              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Something is going on that I can't understand. Since you were wise to register CS5 and CS6 with Adobe, you should call Customer service for guidance.

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                cuspid64 Level 1

                I spent 45 minutes on a live chat with a customer service person who suggested sending me 2 new serial numbers. I questioned whether that would be a problem if by chance I couldnt get anything to work on win8 and had to resort to booting up from win7 an using it from there. The answer was "well just boot from win 7" and the  chat was terminated by the service person - I have the name! I was going to ask why I couldnt use it just like I could with Elements but no more chat. Not happy.

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                  Romsinha Adobe Employee

                  Hi cuspid64,


                  We are sorry for the inconvenience you have been facing. Kindly provide me with the Adobe support ticket number so that I may review the chat session.



                  romit SInha

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                    cuspid64 Level 1

                    I was able to chat to another representative who was most helpful and after quite a while the issue was resolved. Glad to see that my original impression of chat representatives could not be applied to all! I dont know how to find the adobe support ticket number but am glad to have Photoshop back. Love it