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    Issue with multiple devices being displayed


      Hi there,


      I recently upgraded to Adobe CC and I am trying to setup Edge Inspect on my iPad and iPhone.

      I added both devices as laid out in the instructions, but when I try and preview both devices, I am getting the following message:


      Use of multiple devices is an Edge Inspect full version feature. Upgrade now to connect multiple devices concurrently.


      Does this mean that I have to purchase another upgrade in order for multiple devices to be previewed?

      Any help appreciated.




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          saumishr Employee Moderator

          Edge Inspect has two pricing options, a free version, which allows only one device to be connected at a time, and a full version which allows an unlimited number of devices to be connected simultaneously. If you have already subscribed to the full version of Edge Inspect try signing yourself out of the Edge Inspect application and then back in to resolve the issue.