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    Forms Central - limit number of responses per recipient

    Infomaster cfapmarzy

      Hello, is it possible to limit the number of responses sent by each user? For pedagogical reasons, it is important for us that every form can be returned only once by the student. Do you have a solution for us? Thank you.

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          brian.filipiak Level 2

          There's no back-end intelligence that would allow this right now. You could request it as a feature by submitting it here:




          That said, here is a possible work-around...


          Have at least one field in your form be their student e-mail address. (Making an assumption that you are on a higher ed. campus.)


          Upon submission, have the results e-mailed to the student's campus e-mail address, with instructions that their form response is not complete until they forward that e-mail, from their campus e-mail account, to an e-mail address you define.


          I include the following language in the Email Submission Receipt for one such form of ours:



               Thank you for filling out the <your form name here> form.


                You're almost done!


                To confirm your identity, please forward this e-mail message, from your <campus> e-mail account, to: xxxxx@yyyyy.edu.


                Requests coming from non-<campus> e-mail accounts will not be processed.



          This is about the only way to provide a level of assurance as to where the response is truly coming from, and it ensures that Student B is not submitting a response while posing as Student A. Then, in the response table, you can filter out those responses that have not been validated.


          One more thing: In the response table, you could add a column where you simply confirm the user has validated their response... making it quick work when the form is closed to simply filter on the "validated response" indicator.


          I hope that helps,



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            Infomaster cfapmarzy Level 1

            Thank you but your idea is unfortunately not applicable in our case. We will submit our case so that it is considered in the context of a possible evolution. Thank you again.