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    JS calculations are not populating the fields, help!

    Rizwan Ullah



      I am using Acrobat X Pro on Win7 to create a fillable form (not livecycle).


      The link to my file = https://www.dropbox.com/s/ghbla7mmpvc74er/Adobe_Support.pdf


      I have filled "December" column for testing.

      Under column "Business Portion", field names bpM.1 to bpM.8 are not getting populated.

      bpM.0 and bpM.9 have the identical JavaScript (as bpM.1, bpM.2 ... bpM.8) in custom calculate scripts, and they work fine.

      If I check the code in debugger, and hit enter by selecting the script, only then these (bpM.1) fields get populated (results displayed).


      Sub_Total, and HST are calculating and displaying fine.


      My questions - priority wise - are:


      1. Why are these fields not displaying the results of calculations? How to correct the problem/bug/logic?


      2. What other programming logic can I use to enhance performance and may be minimise the (javascript) calculations, called in whenever there is a change in any field.


      3. Is it OK to have such calculations on thousands of fields in a single PDF? If not, what are the alternatives.


      Thank you,