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    Media pending with Encore CS6

    Jacout13 Level 1


      I have a very large project built with Premiere Pro CC.

      The project has 5 "sequences" which are "rendered" before export to Media Encoder CC.

      The "transcode" (max quality) runs very well but is very slow (Media Encoder does not use GPU even the "Playback Mercury Engine" is activated), this is worst without Playback Mercury Engine.

      The transcoded files are imported within Encore CS6 (no dynamic link between Encore CS6 ane PP CC and no Encore CC version, Adobe decided this but with very bad reasons).

      The Encore project has 5 "montages" and one "diffusion list", the menu has "animated" buttons and need to be rendered before creating the final disk (blu-ray).

      But when I try the menus before creating the blu-ray disk I obtain :

      - media pending message : the audio track is there but the video track appears lated and is not smooth,

      - the animated button of menus are very curious : some are correct but others flash in red or green.

      - the software Encore freeze with a white screen, then the job may be resume,

      - the "complete title" begins normally then the video disappears but not the audio, after 10 seconds the video appears but seems to be frozen.

      I checked the links of chapters and buttons, all works normally. The project checking give no error.


      I never encountered this with Premiere Pro CS6 and Encore CS6 (dynamic link works).


      How can I fix this strange situation without discarding PP CC and migrate to FCPX ?