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    Quicktime Cue points

      Hi all,

      I need to use cuepoints on a quicktime video and I'm having problems implementing them. I have tried two ways

      - The first way was Inserting cuepoints as text layer in quicktime pro. I have inserted the cuepoints into the video file and they are working fine in quicktime but when I import the video into director it tells me I need to enable the preload function on the qt video. I have read a number of tutorials that tell me to do this in the movie info pop up. However the 'show movie info' in my versoin of quicktime (Pro ver. 7.1.6) is an info window with no clickable or editable options so I can't perform this task.

      - The second option that I explored is Mpeg Advance


      This xtra seems to install properly and it appears in the options and functions to a certain extent... the problewm with it is that when it imports a video all I get is a blank screen (instead of the actual footage) - the same footage imported as a regular qt movie displays correctly.

      Really running out of ideas here. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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          I've set cue points for videos based on specific times before. First I
          create a text member with a list of cue point times, then I have a frame
          script like this which creates a list of those cue points:

          global TimeChange, i

          on exitFrame me
          -- Set up a clean list to store time changes in based on cue points --
          TimeChange = []

          -- Fill the Time Change List with values --
          repeat with i = 1 to member("VideoMarkerList").text.word.count
          add TimeChange, ((the ticks) +
          (float(member("VideoMarkerList").text.word )*60))
          put float(member("VideoMarkerList").text.word
          end repeat

          -- Set the starting cuepoint for the "TimeCheck" behavior to look at
          set i = 1

          Then on any frame I want to wait for a cue point on, I have this script:

          on exitFrame me
          global TimeChange, i

          if (the ticks)<TimeChange then
          go to the frame
          if i < TimeChange.count then
          i = i + 1
          end if
          go to the frame + 1
          end if

          Hope that helps,