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    Shockwave export problems with Max...

      Hi all,

      I am currently making a scene in 3DS max consisting of a terrain with some trees on it (made from the AEC extended menu built into Max), it looks ok in Max, but when i try to export it to shockwave and import it into director, the only parts of the trees i get are the trunks! Which just looks total rubbish...

      I have been struggling with this for days, i have tried different options in the export, as well as converting the trees to different object types (poly etc) but nothing seems to work!

      Has anyone got any ideas on what i can do to get the trees looking the same as they are in Max?

      Thanks in advance

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          mockworld Level 1
          Hi Sam,

          It sounds like you might be having some z-fighting with the textures.

          Are you using the Unwrap Modifier to texture your trees with a map containing an alpha? If that's the case try breaking up the map into two seperate maps, one containing the trunk with no alpha, and one containing the leaves with the alpha. Then select only the trunk faces and apply the trunk map, and select only the leaves faces and apply the leaves map. Then try exporting and see if that helps.

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            HI SAM

            It pardons my English is translated with google. The problem is, that the format w3d, passes all the control to shocwave, lights, objects, Safe etc. that what happens to you is that you do not see the leaves, if you create movement and you move around to his and sides that if there are leaves, which happens is that they are flat, are single by its faces with normal.

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              Hi There,

              It sounds like you are using the "Force 2 sided shader setting in Max,

              Always model for shockwave using just one sided viewing, and duplicate faces with theit normals flipped, if necessary.

              You can set a model's "visibility" property to #both thus:

              "member("mymember"). model("mymodel").visibility=#both"

              but I don't reccomend it, as most interactivity, including collisions and ray-casting will be easier if the objets that you are seeing are also the objects that will respond to these in a predictable way.

              As a note, I'd avoid transparent images in Shockwave, as the renderer will get wierd on you, and higher polygon objects without transparency are less likely to do your head in than low poly with aplha mps.


              James (www.gamevial.com )
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                I have a problem with shockwave in 3D max or maybe it´s Director 11? We have made a giant project over a city, taking pictures of all buildings and use these as material in the buildings in 3D Max "009) Exporting works well (shows no problem) but in Director all material either has dissapered or changed place! I´m using the "Havok-scripts" to navigate in the area. I´ve also tried to set maximal texture quality and highest of all other things you can do in shockwave-exporter. Anyone got an idea what´s wrong?
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                  Level 7
                  Make sure that in Max, none of your models, textures, or materials have
                  the same name. For example, in the Material Editor, many texture maps
                  will be named "Map #01" or something similar. If there are multiple
                  textures with that same name, then only one of them will export to w3d
                  an both models will share the map.

                  Also, when you export it, you can get a list of all the problems that
                  the exporter encountered. That will usually tell you where the problems
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                    mziskandar Level 1
                    1. Make sure you have UV mapped on textured objects
                    2. Use simple texture. Most of other extras funky (can't remember) + procedure wont work.. I think Alpha also gonna need some tweaking..