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    FM11 hanging/crashing with FrameScript 5




      My setup: FM11; Framescript 5.2 (5.2R1p251); Windows 7


      FM11 is working fine ... but when l use FrameScript, the script runs OK until the end, then FM hangs for ages.

      Eventually the FM file reopens but cannot be saved, scrolled .... and sometimes even shows only blank pages!!


      Above applies to a file in a book, or a standalone file.


      Tried an uninstall/reinstall of FrameScript but problem persists :-(


      Anyone know a solution/workaround?


      Would really appreciate any help!!




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          Art_Campbell Level 3

          What did the FrameScript people tell you when you contacted them? They're

          usually very good on customer support and possible bugs?


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            techmiller Level 1

            Art, thanks for your reply.


            I requested FrameScript support only today - so probably, too soon to expect a reply.


            Thought folks on the Adobe forum may be having a similar problem .... and their answers usually very helpful,


            Will keep everyone posted.


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              frameexpert Level 4

              Hi Mervyn, The problem is likely with your script, not FrameScript itself. Have you had trouble with the same script before? What does the script do?


              Also, when you get a blank screen like this, you can do this:


              1) Choose FrameScript > Script Window.

              2) Type this in the Script Window:


              Set Displaying = 1;


              3) Press the Run button (the last one on the right).


              I will be glad to take a look at the script for you. If it is not too big, you can post the code here. Thanks.


              -- Rick

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                David Coverston Level 1

                I have the same setup: Win 7, Frame 11, and  Framescript 5.2 R1 and have no problem running my scripts. I suspect it is something in your script. Have you used these scripts before? If so, what has changed?

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                  techmiller Level 1

                  Hi Rick


                  Thanks for your reply.


                  I also received a quick response from the Elmsoft FrameScript support guys.


                  As you suspect, they too think the problem is with the script itself.


                  The script I am using was written a long time ago. Up until now it has been working fine (nothing has changed).

                  Since it's too large to post on this forum, I'll contact you directly.


                  Thanks in advance for your assistance - will really appreciate help.



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                    techmiller Level 1

                    Thanks to all who replied to my question.

                    And to Rick Quatro for the prompt diagnosis!



                    I have been using the same script since 2005 (to produce linked callouts in a Parts Catalog).

                    Although nothing has changed in the script itself, the issue is apparently the behavior of FM11 in handling document display commands - which now necessitates changes the script (actually, a set of them).



                    Rick writes: They changed these commands to be "stack-based" so that somehow they accumulate and cause problems.



                    If other folks having this problem, hope this helps you too!