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    Dynamic Forms - on Mobile devices


      I have some dynamic PDF forms I have been designing in Livecycle designer. I would like these to be viewable/savable on Mobile devices. Sounds like an easy request. Research indicates I need the entire livecycle suite to do this? Please tell me it isnt so!


      As a side note, I have installed the livecycle ES4 suite on a weblogic application server on Windows Server 2008 and its a real pain to use and get to work properly. I really hope I dont need to keep going this route for such a seemingly simple need. And if so, can I get some help setting it up so that I can provide proof of concept to my bosses who may choose to purchase it ONLY if they can see it work in a development environment first?

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not aware of any PDF viewer for mobile devices that support dynamic XFA PDF forms. I believe the LiveCycle server can render the form in a browser as HTML, so it's not PDF.


          You  should post in one of the LiveCycle forums though. This one is for the FormsCentral service, which doesn't work with XFA forms either.