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    Reduce TIFF file size for printing?


      I am new to using TIFF - I have always saved in JPEG but now that my business is picking up, I am learning more about the technicalities.  So, knowing that TIFF is better for prints, I want to save that way.  Problem is, the ONLY online lab I've found that accepts TIFF is Nations Photo Lab, and they require their files to be a maximum of 40 mb.  Here's my problem - my TIFF files range anywhere from 150 mb to 700 mb.  This is how I have it going with my TIFF Options:


      Image Compression: None

      Pixel Order: Interleaved (RGBRGB)

      Byte Order: IBM PC    <--- I have a Macintosh, but left everything at defaults because I truly don't know what all this means

      Save Image Pyramid and Save Transparency are both left UNCHECKED

      Layer Compression: RLE (faster saves, bigger files)


      What do I need to do to get my pictures under 40 mb WITHOUT losing any quality?  (Or, better yet, do you know of an online printing service that accepts any size of TIFF files?!)


      Also, I have CS6 Extended, not sure if this matters..

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          Don't save the layer data in the version you send to the printer.

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            Bo LeBeau Level 4

            As long as you keep your original files intact, it won't hurt to send them a jpg.

            Just make sure you save it as a High Quality jpg (low compression).


            The problem with jpgs occur when people only use the jpg format for editing and saving.

            They think that jpg is great because it saves such small files. But the small file size comes with a price to pay - reduced image quality

            Every time you save a jpg it throws away some data because that is the way jpg can create small files.


            As long as you only save a jpg (high quality) to send to print and always go back to your original tifs for editing you should be ok.