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    FM12.0.1 patch released

    Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      There's been a patch released for FM12 to take care of a few gremlins that snuck in at the last stages of the pre-release program.


      Issues fixed are:


      1. Generating a list or an index of references (imported graphics) results in a blank file. (Ref#: 3703081)


      2. The Search and Replace feature causes any replaced text to be formatted in Times NewRoman with size as 12pt Default. This is irrespective of font and font-size of the replaced text. (Ref#: 3703070)


      3. Accessing WebHelp locally (not accessing the help via a Web Server) from Chrome on Mac does not show TOC & search. (Ref#: 3703173)


      4. When a Glossary / Glossaryterm is not present in the first .fm file of a book, the Glossary popup feature does not work for any of the .fm files in the book. (Ref#: 3703172)


      5. When a window-intensive application like the Lotus Notes is open, then FrameMaker takes long time to open Publish pod or the workspace containing Publish pod. (Ref#: 3703168)


      6. FrameMaker crashes on printing a book in unstructured mode. (Ref#: 3703064)



      Also see:




      Download the patch using the FM internal Help > Updates link.

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          Thank you for posting the details of the patch, Arnis!


          I can now print books in FM 12 Unstructured mode

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            Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The patch has now been posted to the FM updates page and can also be accessed directly here:



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              4everJang Level 3

              The update will not install on my system, at least not when I go via the Help menu (which seems to be the only option). No idea why it fails, as the error log just gives me an error code U44M1P6 with no further explanation. The link to customer support leads to Adobe Creative Cloud support. I am not even going to try and get the right info about my TCS installation from them.


              This is NOT useful at all, and I have no time mucking around with processes that have obviously not been tested enough before putting them into practice. Is there a download link for an updater that I can then execute from my Windows Explorer, so that I can make sure the Adobe Updater is not causing the problem?


              P.S. - After posting I saw there is a link to download the patch. I will give it a try and report later on how it worked out.


              P.P.S.: Tried it and failed again. Error code changed to U44M2P6. Same 'customer support' link to Adobe Creative Cloud help page. I am seriously considering jumping off the FM track. These problems should either not occur or error recovery information should be presented in human-readable form. My first lesson to all my customers in the tech comms domain.


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                Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You could try the direct method - http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates.html or give them a shout:


                Via Phone:                          USA   1-800-833-6687  Option 2 > Option 5 > Option 3




                Via Email:                             mailto:TCS.SUPPORT@adobe.com

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                  4everJang Level 3

                  Thanks, Jeff.


                  The direct download results in a very similar error code. The meaning I found on an Adobe Creative Suite support page was simply "the update did not install properly" and probably the installer required a file that it could not find. The solution page states I should probably uninstall and then re-install the product, which is of course an utterly ridiculous suggestion, given the amount of installing and configuring plug-ins and structured applications I need to do to make it work at all. It might be an idea for Adobe Installer developers to send some kind of message about WHAT FILE IS MISSING to the console, or to an error file, instead of these blatantly stupid error codes that are only invented to make me believe they are really intelligent and know what is going on.


                  Yes, I am getting extremely frustrated, as my paid projects are in danger of not completing in time, or at all. So my suggestion to the Adobe Installer developers: go and redo your work. A product that fails without giving me clear information about the reason why it fails is not worth my time or money.

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                    Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Have a quick skim of the TCS Installation forum & if you don’t see anything there that matches your error message, contact Adobe Support – install issues are usually a free call.

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                      Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                      Check the the amt3.log, PDApp.log, oobelib.log files (and any other .log files with the same timestamps) in your system TEMP folder. These will have much more detailed info on what FM is trying to do and what errors it encounters.