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    Saving to Camera Roll


      When I press the button that is normally used to save or share at the top of the app (the arrow), it asks me what project I want to open. It says "Project name" at the top of the pop-up menu, but instead of listing my projects to choose from, it lists the format types (i.e. JPEG, PNG, etc.).  Is this a glitch? There appears toon way to save or share the images.


      I've Googled it and everyone else is using the same button to save, but is able to choose projects. Is anyone else having this issue?


      It says "Save to Camera roll" and then "Choose which project(s) you want to save," but the choices are only JPEG or PNG and the OK button is grayed-out. I have a project that I want to save, but it's not appearing in the list.

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          You may be missing a step. Browse to the project (or projects) you want to export before you initiate the export process.


          • Browse to the project
          • Export > Choose an export method (e.g., Save to Gallery/Camera Roll) and file type
          • Tap the project > Tap OK
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            EltonRon Level 1

            I'm sorry if I appear to be clueless about this. I'm actually a long-time Photoshop user, so I'm very familiar with the desktop version. But I tried to do what you suggested below and there is no "Export" function anywhere that I could find (though there is an "Import Image" feature). Where should I see the "Export" feature? It is not on the top menu bar. Is it possible that have have a "Lite" version of the app? I did pay $9.99 for it in the Apple App Store.



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              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

              It's the 5th icon from the upper right.