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    Grep command to achieve the following - Almost got it




      I have been on here before and received great help with grep styles but have one that I can't find a solution for from online resources


      I am using the following grep command to add a descriptor to a event.


      My text looks like this


      9.00     Football


      Grep command is




      $1$2$3Play football.\r


      Which acheives...



      9.00     Football

                  Play football




      Problem is


      Some of the titles are


      9.00   Sunday Football


      9.00   Junior Football


      9.00   Junior 5 a side Football



      I ideally need a grep command that will do exactly the same but ignore Sunday, Junior, Junior 5 a side (but leave it in) I can't add extra greps as there are too many


      Is there a command that will find the digits (ignore everthing until football) and add the descriptor


      Hopefuly it is just a little addition to the grep but I can't find a solution


      Any help much appreciated