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    Problem playing sequential streaming FLV's


      I am having a great deal of trouble playing sequential streaming FLV files from a Flash Communication Server using the FLVPlayback component in Flash 8.

      Basically I want the first video to play and when it finishes the second to play, then the third and so on in a smooth and seamless manner. I can get them to play but not smoothly or seamlessly!!
      A typical example is here:


      I think one of the problems may be that the first video is set going with the 'contentPath' statement.
      Then the second video starts to buffer and takes bandwidth from the first video which causes it to falter. I've tried all sorts of variations including using the 'ready', complete' and 'buffering' event handlers but can't get it to work properly.

      The videos are encoded at about 300kbps and I'm seeing this problem on my 512kbps broadband connection - it may not show on a higher speed connection but we are designing for 512kbps connected users.

      Can someone point me in the right direction?