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    mathtype to indesign


      Hi I have a word file with over 500 formulas that have already been published in mathtype I can I export the formulas as. Eps but replaces the link text by <eqnXXX>.



      I would like to get your help with script in indesign to replace the respective texts. Eps.



      Thank you very much.





      Hola tengo un archivo en word con mas de 500 formulas que ya se han editado en mathtype puedo exportar las formulas como .eps pero rremplaza el link por el texto <eqnXXX>.


      Quisiera obtener su ayuda con el script en indesign para reemplazar los textos con los respectivos .eps.


      Muchas gracias.

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          MrMathType Level 3

          You didn't say whether you're using Windows or Mac, but if it's Windows, have you tried placing the entire Word document into InDesign? When you do so, the MathType equations will be converted to EPS, and will be properly aligned already. See our article for more information.


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