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    CS6 Printing Problem


      At our office we have 5 PCs built for heavy Photoshop use running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.  We do a lot of work involving large aerial photo maps and whenever we try to print to our printers, Photoshop CS6 doesn't seem to spool correctly.  I have a somewhat limited knowledge of what's going on, so bear with me.  When I say "doesn't spool correctly" I mean there are periods of several minutes between identical prints.  From what I understand, the spooler is supposed to send the info once to the printer whenever you request multiple copies, but it's acting like the computer is sending each request individually to said printer.  Originally, I would have thought that was a printer driver problem, but we've switched drivers to little effect AND, even more confusingly, Photoshop CS5 doesn't experience this problem.  Send the request and BAM, it prints each one within a few seconds of each other.  We really would prefer to use CS6, but we can't because of this problem.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.