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    Turn a text database search result into a clickable .pdf link to specific images


      Hello and Good Afternoon all. 


      This is baffling me to no end, pretty desperate at this point. 


      I have a successfully implemented a search and results page from my database table 'products'.  The results page displays a field from this table as products, msds, datasheet, description.  I would like the msds & datasheet results to be clickable links to files in my images/pdf/msds folder or the images/pdf/datasheet folder. 


      The links are specific filenames such as msds-product.pdf or datasheet-product.pdf..  How can I get these links to open the exact filename that comes up in my search result?  I can make it open the entire folder but I want just the specific file. 


      I don't write code very well - thank you for any help you can provide.  Cindy