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    Does PE12 load all previous iterations of project?

    Kawika808 Level 1

      While waiting for PE12 to load a short (26min) but rather complicated project, I noticed that the status bar (indicating what items were being loaded and how many were left to go) showed that all previous iterations of the project (which I had number v1, v1,2, v2, etc.) were loading, one at a time.


      This would be hard to catch with a screen shot because it is changing very fast, but it's slow enough to be read clearly.


      Does PE12 actually load all previous iterations just to work on the current version?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Most of the time I think you would be seeing indexing, conforming of video and audio, loading of previews (rendered files), and I am not sure if the AutoSaves would be included in the loading. Watch the naming of what is loading.


          Do you use AutoSaves and how do you have that set? See Edit Menu/Preferences/AutoSaves. Do you rename your AutoSaves once they are generated and again after one is bumped off?



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            Kawika808 Level 1

            The naming was as described in my post: previous iterations, with the nomenclature I provided when I created them.


            Autosave has its own nomenclature (project 1...2..3... or something simliar) which I have not changed.  I never rename autosaves.  I save my own iterations in a separate folder, with nomenclature as indicated.


            Seems very odd that PE12 would have any reason to refer back to outdated files, since I am no longer working with those files.  (For comparison, PSE or CE would never open any previous, independently saved iteration of an image file or project unless that file or project were included, with the exact name, in the project being opened.)