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    Sum1 help before I kill LoadVars() !

      Hi, I am a programmer but new to flash. I made a script that reads data in from a text file and displays it in the flash.

      This works... kinda.

      The problem I am having is understanding the rules flash has for reading in data with LoadVars and actually having that data available. For some reason, the loading of the data always happens after my screen is drawn with my objects. When the flash initially loads the objects have 'undefined'. After the user generates a key press event, it works like a champ. I just have one frame in my movie that says something like

      var bla = new Bla();

      I populate the public array that needs this data in the onLoad method, when I dump variables in debug, I can see the data had been read into memory. The problem is, it is not being read in first, even though I programed it to do so.

      I have a feeling this has something to do with the movieclip, but since I am mega newb, I have no idea and the flash docs say nothing about this.

      How to I get at this data ?