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    Can a video created in Premiere Elements 8 be edited in Premiere Elements 12?


      I am having trouble with my Premiere Elements 8 freezing. I reloaded it onto the computer and it worked once and then froze again. So I was thinking about upgrading to PE 12. But I don't know how compatible the two programs are. Does anyone have a solution to my problem?

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          Typically it is recommended that project created in one program be completed in that program. It is possible, but not guaranteed, that a Premiere Elements 8 Windows project will open in Premiere Elements 12 Windows.


          But, remember, once a project from the earlier version is opened in a later one and edited, you cannot edit the older project that was edited in the later version. Best make a copy of the Premiere Elements 8 project and use that copy to determine if it will open in Premiere Elements 12. Remember keep the project source media with the project.prel file. Look at Project Archiver (Copy option) if necessary.


          Troubleshooting Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 would include

          a. Do you have the automatic Background Rendering and AutoAnalzyer features turned off?

          b. Do you have pile ups of previews, conformed video, and conformed auto?

          c. What type of project do you have...project settings, properties of source media, types of edits?

          d. Computer resources

          and so on.


          It is the problem confined to one project or all? How long has the problem existed?


          More later.