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    When will Fireworks be fixed and become usable?


      For a major project it was decided to use Fireworks rather than Photoshop because of the vector capabilities, project file sizes and workflow. A number of bugs have made it quite frustrating (Mac OS 10.9.1 and Fireworks 12.01.274 - both latest).


      These are bugs as they sometimes happen even with  identical work proceedures:


      - Fireworks sometimes changes the canvas size of pages which are not selected. For example, I am working in  Page 1 and then change the canvas size and Fireworks changes the canvas for this one and also Page 3 . The option to 'change on this page only' is selected and the inconsistency is revealed as Page 2 hasn't been changed. A problem with this is that you don't immediately notice and content on the other page is cut off. In my case I couldn't revert.


      - There is a severe problems saving an open file properly (Error: "Could not complete your request / The file is already open in another application")  The file isn't open in any other applications - although it is selected (highlighted) in MacOS Finder. But this does't affect file saving in other Adobe and non-Adobe programs so why is it different for Fireworks? As a consolation, fireworks adds a few files such as 00000002 and 00000003 to my desktop. Info says they are Fireworks PNG files... but can I trust them... best not to.


      - Why is content selection with scrolling not possible. If I have a long section of content to select which extends beyond the page, why can't I click and drag the mouse down so that the page scrolls down. Why to I have to drag the cursor below the window and have to then wiggle it around to get the screen to scroll.


      - When pasting in a set of items and then manually giving in X / Y coordinates  Fireworks sometimes doesn't want to move and reverts to '0'..... but not all the time, sometimes it prefers to move to a completely different location... and at other times it works as it should.



      Dear Fireworks team - some of these are part of everyday workflow and really deserve to be working properly. As my colleagues have reported the same problems can you please fix these.

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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          I would not bet on Adobe fixing anything in Fireworks. Fireworks' development is dead - Adobe told us some time ago they would stop development.


          Harsh, but unfortunately that's the reality. We'll have to switch to other software - and Adobe has nothing in its stable that can completely replace it.


          Myself, I am awaiting EvolveUI with much anticipation: http://tribaloid.com/

          The devs worked with Fireworks, and since Adobe is no longer going to support it they decided to create their own modernized version.


          Let's see what happens. For what's it worth now, currenly I use Photoline for all my web work.

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            deekay peekay

            I have the same problem and the silence from Adobe is deplorable.  However I have found I can work with it by dragging the object ever so slightly.  So click on what you want to select and start to drag it, it becomes selected.  I've gotten used to it, as I like to work in Fireworks.

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              Aaron Beall Level 3

              According to the infamous blog post they were planning to support the "next major update of OSX and Windows" and "may provide bug fixes." I don't think I've seen any updates, though.


              Fortunately Fireworks still works great on Windows 7 for me. On OSX I mainly do development and Fireworks does the stuff I need fine.



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                I am starting to get to grips with a trial of Sketch 3 for Apple OSX, price is comparable to Fireworks and it is tough letting go of a product i use so much but Sketch so far seems pretty good.

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                  Jesse... Level 1

                  A lot of glitches in Fireworks can be solved by deleting the preferences file. First you will have to make sure your Library folder is viewable and you are accessing the root folder on your hard drive. In recent releases of Mac OS, it is hidden by default.


                  First, show your Hard Drive by following these directions:


                  1. In the Finder, choose Preferences from the Finder menu.
                  2. Click the General icon on the toolbar.
                  3. Select "Hard disks" in the "Show these items on the desktop:" section.
                  4. Close the Finder Preferences window.


                  Next, you'll have to unhide the library folder by following these instructions:


                  In the Finder, choose View > Show View Options (or press Command-J).

                  Near the bottom of the resulting View-Options palette is a setting called Show Library Folder. Enable this option. Your Library folder is immediately visible.


                  In that folder, find the Preferences folder. Then in the preferences folder, find the file with this name (or similar): "com.adobe.Fireworks.12.0.0.plist" and delete it.

                  Restart your machine and Fireworks and your problem may be solved.