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    How to export indesign book file into swf format?

    NK design

      Hi There,


      I want to Export indesign book file(16 files of 1020 pages) into swf format. Can somebody help me?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Javed_ali Adobe Employee

          You have no way of doing this with the UI. You may use javascript for doing so though.

          Open the book that you want to export and set the swf export preferences to the one you want.

          Then run this script


          var book = app.activeBook;


          for (var i=0; i<book.bookContents.length; i++)


              text += book.bookContents[i].fullName + ' = ' + book.bookContents[i].documentPageRange + '\r';

              doc = app.open (book.bookContents[i].fullName);

              name = (app.books[0].bookContents[i].fullName).toString().split(".indd")

              doc.exportFile (ExportFormat.SWF, File(name[0]+".swf"));




          What this does?

          Opens all the documents in the book one at a time and exports to swf at the same location as the documents were earlier and closes the document. It does this for all documents in the book.



          Hope it helps