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    Parallax only for specific symbol and control speed (too fast)

    IronADDT Level 1

      I'm testing Parallax script from Edge Commons, but I have several problems.


      1. First... the parallax works only with the animations in the timeline root; if I have an animation included in a symbol, not works.
      2. Second... the parallax is too fast and it's impossible to set a timetable to view out/in effect... when I scroll down in a smartphone, the parallax effect it's just finished when I arrived in the webpage's bottom and not see it (too fast).
      3. Third... it's impossibile set parallax only for specific symbol... sometimes it's useful to set parallax only for a specific symbol and not for all stage... I've tried to set "EC.Parallax.setup(sym.getSymbol("SymbolName"))" but not works.


      Do you have any ideas to resolve these issues?