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    Trouble uploading my app to apple store



      I have trouble uploading my app to apple strore. I get lots of errors. I think the app ID, provisioning profile and certificate are fine. I have just dowloaded Flash CC trial. Wanted to make sure Flash works before buying it. Is there any difference between trial and full version?

      List of errors:


      1- Unable to authenticate the package 815021930.itmsp


      2- ERROR ITMS- 9000 "Your binary is not optimized for iPhone5. It sayd I need a launch image 568h size....."

      Where do I include the launch image?  I have very simple knowledge of programing enough to just do simple buttons! I have included all the icon images in Flash CC.


      3- Error ITMS-9000 "This bundle is invalid. New apps must be made with Xcode3 and iOS 7 SDK"

      I thought this new flash CC has made updates to be compatible!


      4- Missing icon file 120x120


      5-Missin icon file 76x76


      6-Missing icon file 152x152


      In the icon section  Flash does not ask for these icon sizes! Where can I add them? Again I don't write codes!


      Can anyone please help me? I has taken me over a year to finally get to this stage.