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    .swf too big


      Hi everyone,


      I need to create a 728x200 ad banner that is not larger then 60kb. I have a project in AE, with some text, shapes and 3d camera movement. Total running time 14sec. The resulting swf is around 1.4mb which is too big and I can't get it down to a smaller size. I tried to reduce the number of frames to 12fr/s (that doesn't look very good, but might be ok). The resulting file was around 700kb, which is still too big.


      Any suggestions on what I could do here?


      Any help woul be really appreciated.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Rethink your design approach and don't use AE. Even the most compressed SWF will never go below a certain size - it's simply an embedded JPG sequence and well, most of the time there is really no need for all those fancies. A couple of natively animated still images in Flash would be much more efficient and at those sizes nobody will know or care whether the 3D tracker was used a "motion blur" is actually just a linear blur on an otherwise static image. Sorry to say so, but your whole approach is just wrong. You're trying to be to exact and academic about it.



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Don't export .swf files from After Effects.


            If you need something to play in Flash Player, render and export a .f4v file and embed or link that in a .swf file in Flash Professional.