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    Help with 2 buttons, 2 animations, and 2 audio clips


      Hey everyone,

      I'm coming to Edge Animate from After Effects so bear with me here... I'm helping out on a DPS project for a friend and this has me stumped.

      I have an Animate project with 2 animations, 2 audio clips and 2 buttons. Let's call them Animation1, Audio1, and Button1. Animation2, Audio2, and Button2. I want to have the composition load and wait for the user to click a button, the easy part. Now I want to have Animation1 play with Audio1 when the user clicks on Button1 but I don't want any of the other elements (Animation2 etc) to play or be visible. Then vice-versa when the user clicks Button2. I've been able to get the Button1 elements to work but then I can still see Button2's elements. The animations are sync'd to the audio files so they need to play in time with each other. I've searched tutorials on the web but I'm probably not looking for the right thing.


      Any help is much appreciated.