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    Multiple instances of one app of the same name



      we have few FMS/AMS servers, versions 4, 4.5 and 5, running some kind of internet TV tubes on them.

      Each tube is supposed to run as unique instance of a Tube app, with unique settings for publishing to CDN (Akamai).

      Sometimes following scenario happens: We reload the stream via administration console or administration API with use of reloadApp command, instance starts closing sequence, even triggers onAppStop event. But as the new instance starts, the old process wakes up again and lives together with the new one - when I check then throught administration API with use of getActiveInstances command, it shows me more instance of the same name as result - for example:









      From logs I can see that each of that instances runs under different process ID (x pid column).

      This is quite unpreffered behaviour, as with the same connection settings the multiple instances steals the connection to CDN entry point from each other which causes problems and unpredictable behaviour...


      I have following questions related to this:


      1. - Why the onAppStop is triggered when using reloadApp and unloadApp commands or buttons in admin console, when documentation says that this event should not be triggered on these ocassions (see http://help.adobe.com/en_US/adobemediaserver/ssaslr/WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d11a11afc95e-7 edfSSASLR.2.3.html#WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d11a11afc95e-7fe2SSASLR.2.3)


      2. - How is it possible that system runs more instances of the same app with the same name? How to avoid such behaviour?



      I already noticed following aspects to have influence on the possibility to run multiple instance with the same name and got rid of them but problem still persists:


      - case sensivity of app name (one client connects to TV_app/tube2 and other connects to tv_app/tube2)

      - using false as return value in onAppStop event handler - when reloaded, new instance is started but the old one persists



      I am very eager to hear some explanation or clarification of such logic as it comes to me as some kind of internal bug as I have found everywhere that the instances names should be always unique....






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          BigKOKOT Level 1

          I just want to note that my recommendations led my clients to purchase more than 5 licences of FMIS/AMIS througt the time.

          As I see how low is the passion to react to any problem on Adobe side, I would have probably changed my mind.


          This is really pain in the *** as any call to adobe official contact (taken on mind that to find one is a big quest by itself) lead just to reply "pay nasty amount for our consultancy Sir!" and it does not look any better here....


          I am no novice on FMS/AMS platform, working with it more than 6 years throught many projects and I would not ask for some stupid questions which could be solved just by looking to documentation or could be solved by some performance eperience.


          I am really upset for this :/