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    Specific Topic is not opening by using MAP ID in MAC>Safari


      I am using ROBO Help - Flash. I am openning a specific TOpic using MAP ID (using RH_ShowHelp JS file). It works fine with Windows OS, But the same is not working when we browse in MAC > Safari. Could u please let us know is there
      any thing we should to make that work in Mac, It is displaying "Page cannot be displayed". TOC is opening but not synch with a Topic and for Topic it is displaying as "Page Cannot be displayed" , The above problem only in MAC OS, not in Windows.

      The code i am using for opening specific topic is as follows
      javascript:RH_ShowHelp('PEGASUS','" + InstructorhelpLaunchFile + "',HH_HELP_CONTEXT," & intMapId & ")"

      The above is working fine in window, when we click on the link it will open robo Help with TOC and specific topic which matches the Map ID. But when we try the same in MAC > Safari, TOC display but it will not display the specific topic and even TOC is not synch. with the topic, In the right frame it will display as "Page cannot be displayed". It seems that it is not able to search the TOpic file name w.r.t the Map ID.

      Hoping to see some reply asap. I got info from macromedia support that there are some workaround for acheiving the same, suggested to post the message in the forum.