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    unable to attach Bulge effect to a Null Object




      I'm trying to apply Bulge effect on a pipe , making the impression that something is traveling across that pipe (refer to printscreen).


      I did a  motion sketch for a Null Object and then applied Bulge effect to it. Didn't work. Then I added new Solid layer, childed it to a Null Object, and applied Bulge on a Solid. Didn't work either. Also found some tips online that i should "Parent an adjustment layer to the Null and apply effect to it." but the Bulge effect does not work still.


      My composition contains to .psd layers (Pipe and Background). When i apply Bulge on Pipe itself, it works OK but i am unable to animate Bulge itself, i.e. make it travel across the whole pipe.


      where am i wrong?


      Using CS6 on Win7 home premiumpipe bulge.png