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    Two symbols, have same code, yet one behaves erratic.  Both stage and symbol timelines used.


      Here is a link to the problem site using edge: http://pbpromos.com/test-edge/


      Basically, there is a random or erratic behaviour with the symbol/box on the right when you go into and out of it by pressing the button on the bottom which makes it scale out and in.  The symbol/box on the left always behaves like it should no matter how many times you press the bottom button scaling it out/in.  However, for the symbol/box on the right, it skips animation steps at random times by pressing the bottom buttons.  When you first load the page, the right symbol/box scales out/in properly and may take a few times to reproduce the problem.  Sometimes you have to try also going in and out of the symbol on the left and then try the symbol on the right to make it show this erratic behavior.



      The symbol all the way to the right ( Merchant Dashboard ) is not behaving like the one on the left.  When you go into them with the bottom button, the symbol scales out towards you making it bigger and pushes the symbol on the left out.  When you press on the RETURN button on the bottom it should scale back by playing the animation in REVERSE.  It does this by playing the stage and symbol timelines in reverse all the way to the start of their respective timelines.  This works fine for the right symbol if you try going in and out several times, however, the right symbol behaves eratically when trying to go in and out multiple times.  Yet they both have identical code.


      If you try going in and out you will see what I mean.


      There are three timelines.  The stage timeline and the two symbol timelines.  To scale out when you press the bottom red button, I play the stage timeline and the symbol's timeline.  Here is the code at the stage level triggered by the buttons which are found inside the two symbols:


      Right button (CLICK): "DASHBOARD LOGIN"

      sym.play("Dashboard");   // Label at the symbol timeline

      sym.getComposition().getStage().play("Dashboard");   // Label on the stage timeline


      Left button (CLICK): "REDEEM VOUCHER"

      sym.play("RedeemVoucher");   // Label at the symbol timeline

      sym.getComposition().getStage().play("RedeemVoucher");   // Label on the stage timeline


      When the stop(); is reached and the symbols scale out, I display the "RETURN TO MERCHANT AREA" button.  When this is clicked this code is executed within the symbols:




      Any thoughts would be appreciated.


      Here is the link to oam file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r33fu86779012yn/Adobe-Edge-Test-1.oam