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      I am using a loader component to load another swf in the main swf
      in the mainswf i have made a loader component with dimensions 800*85.
      second.swf has the same dimensions (800*85);
      When i set the Loader parameter scaleContent to false it goes fine...
      But i want scaleContent to be true cause the dimensions of main.swf can change when called from php...
      When i use true, my second.swf is almost halve the size from what it should be..
      scaleContent indicates whether the content scales to fit the loader (true) is what manual says so...

      ideas ?
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          byenary Level 1
          Hmm problem seems to be in second.swf, looks fine in 800*85 but when i am in document properties en do match to content it becomes 800*125 ... some unused whitespace... this explains the scaling went wrong.
          Still a bit strange when saving it with size 800*85 and still gets f*cked up...